These Years on the Boat

by Fairweather Friends

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    Art by Samantha Daly, Adir L. Cohen, Geoff Diamond and layout by Christopher Daly of Salvation Recording Co. All music by Fairweather Friends

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This album is a compilation of songs recorded between June 2010 and 2011 at our house known as The Boat in New Paltz, New York... we hope you enjoy it


released February 4, 2012

Adir L. Cohen - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica, Bass (t. 9)
Jed Kosiner - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

With special guests:
Vince Tampio - Assorted Horns (t. 2,4,6,9)
Laurent Blanchette - Tuba. Trombone (t. 2,4,6,9)
Rick Birmingham - Fiddle (t. 5)
Kaity Gorman - Cello (t. 7)
Cody Torlincasi - Assorted Keys/Synths (t. 9)
Chris Macchia - Upright Bass (t. 5, 10)
Tom Christie - Bass (t. 2)
our real friends - group vox (t. 3,4,6)

All Songs written by Adir L. Cohen and performed by Fairweather Friends (Copyright 2012)
Recorded by Fairweather Friends on The Boat
Engineered by Jed Kosiner
Mixed by Christopher Daly of Salvation Recording Co.
Produced by Fairweather Friends & Salvation
Mastered by Kevin McMahon at Marcata Studios



all rights reserved


Fairweather Friends New Paltz, New York

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Track Name: Fire
When the cold, stale fall came and took you away
I lost my colors, fell off and crumbled.
No Reason to move, no reason to stay...
dont want to build nothing but fires, build nothing but fire
'Cause in the cold and winter months, I couldn't stop and build a shelter alone... so keep moving on, stay warm and build nothing but fires

Other day caught myself dreaming
making money and meeting the honeys.
Since when does a dream need an explanation?
I think I'l start sparking the fire.
Because the pull that kept it taut, it was the same force that ripped it apart... so move through this transition and build nothing but fires

Thought that our plan was a sure bet
until the heat broke, left us to freeze off...
the heart says right now, but the head screams not yet
inside fueling the fire
I dreamt the big end actually came
Couldn't find another soul with a name
I was the only one alive and building nothing but fire
Track Name: The Spill
Skip the phase, we may be white fog hazy lost in this whale bone sturdy, beached and dirty, salt carcass. Been floating to long and forgot how to sing 'bout the coast... so roll back in the water, wait out the tide and just hope.
'Cause it's hard to really see, to really know the motives behind all the evil shit in this world... I'm the only one alive I've ever really known. But what to I know?
In this ocean bloody, thick and muddy world, it's the perfect pairs that know how to hurt each other most. Keep spreading the poison to try and make the surface look right... so dive deep in the water and hope for the rain not to bite.
'Cause it's hard to really see, to really know how much light we're able to bring to this world. We are the only ones alive we've ever really known.. But what to we know?
we know that it's good.. good to be good.
Track Name: Same Big Ring
I don't know better what you need and everybody is floating on the same big ring. And its a cold blooded way to go out. Could you figure it out?
And its a sure fire, gone down stream. Running out of water, man what do you mean? and its a cold blooded way to the south..

this is childish... nothing to wrap around my mind

and I don't know better what you seen, everybody's looking at a different thing... and its a sure fire way to the south

this is childish... nothing to wrap around my mind

I dont know better what you need and everybody's floating on the same big ring...
Track Name: Charlie Mortlok Bean
Charlie Mortlok Bean it doesn't matter what you mean. It didn't matter what you said, just as long as you said it. And maybe you're the preacher and merely seeking a believer.. it didn't matter how the song went.. just as long as it went.
And say you know that its so simply orchestrated for, the truth becomes the bore...
What do you do sometimes? It didnt matter what the lie was, it didnt matter what was said cause he didnt mean it anyway. What do you do when it's looking right at you? Staring point blank and true?
You stop and say that you know that its so simply orchestrated for, the truth becomes the bore...
Track Name: Cali Burns
my father and his righteous flow was evident so long ago, but why does it take me to be a man to just see that? My mother is the pious queen and lord I don't know what she's seen in me, the few lies that I told she knew before a thing was said.
And oh baby there's no reason in explaining why your eyes are beautiful to me. And forest fires grow in us higher and higher as Cali burns and Utah glows under 13 feet of snow.
Now what's that shinin' n the sky? That comets flying way to high to catch and all we're looking for is a ride out of here. My friends are all my family but I miss my brother constantly but I don't talk bout it much, though i should because he'd smile
And oh baby there's no reason in explaining why your eyes are beautiful to me. And forest fires grow in us higher and higher as Cali burns and Utah glows under 13 feet of snow.. with miles of sand untouched by human hands. Oh what is to know? If seeing is believing then you've found yourself a believer.
Track Name: Moctezuma Song
When I was an indian, a Native American not knowing what ownership means,
I gave up my island they no call Manhattan for twenty-six dollars in beads.

When I was a farmer a hard working farmer, I sold my soul to the land,
But that devilish drought came and killed off my family, and turned all my soil to sand.

When I was a genius - a world famous genius, I figured out how to make bombs,
But the government took and fully abused it and made a world full of sad moms.

When I was soldier, fighting for my country, I lost my limbs in the war,
And though I stayed patriotic, I slowly went nuts and nobody loved me anymore

When I was a student, a tireless student, I’d read all the books that I can.
But when I got through I was in so much debt that I never fulfilled my life plan.

When I was lover a, song writing lover, hope I didn’t waste too much time,
‘cause that talking gets cheap, but them actions get cheaper, and never mistaken in rhyme

When I was sailor, a fish stinking sailor, I admit my wife was the sea
But one day she got angry and before I knew it, the ocean had swallowed me.

When I was a human – a strong, lonely human, I learned that we born and die alone.
And though I mastered technologies and wrote down philosophies,
I forgot it all down the road, yeah I forgot it all down the road.
Track Name: Nightmare Neighborhood
Sitting on the back porch building big boxes around me and my friends. Sitting with my dog smoking a cigarette slowly. And where’d you go when the going was getting fast? You’re gonna’ show up slow, you’re gonna end up last screaming.
And everybody started leaving, just getting up and leaving. A somber parade without expressing the reason except for one young pilgrim she turned to you and cried, “everybody started leaving, acting real greedy and suddenly I noticed this hatred in my feelings… and I cant live with that man, so I’m leaving this land. I never thought I’d stray from home, but one day you’ll understand it.”
The sky is just as high from a mountaintop, look at it to long your going to see that shit drop off. And bengal eye was it the scene, was it the mood? Be here now, try be the hunter be the food and you will see.
That nobody will be leaving, a big to-do charade expressing every single feeling and is that thunder or is it just the crowd? Nobody will be steeling, nobody will be greedy and suddenly you’ll notice this loving in your feelings and you will live with that man and you will never leave this land. But even if you do, you will never understand it much.
Track Name: A History of Four Legged Beasts
Terror twilight scene, its a big black twist of trees
or is it a silhouette? The sun aint out, we dont know quite yet.
Taking out the cause... everybody lost is it all. If fighters is what we are, then why are you taking off?
And the sea its too big for me, lord il take it down
lord I'll take it down, till you rip me to the ground.

Don't mind this crying, the crying is a bit to loud, but all this suffering is way to proud.
I couldn't love you, love is quite a word. Its a mighty shout, a might shout is heard.
And with a cold branch to the face, its getting hard to see.
Girl, I'll buy you anything you want and you don't even need.

I'll try not to go on wasting my time with those TV shows.
Im not going to make it out alive the miser as you know me. And the worst part of it is that I can feel a split amongst these parts. And its a shame that you wont deal with this new type of art, can you sing it faster?

This terror twilight scene, a history of four legged beasts.
If fighters is what we are, then why are you taking off?
And the sea, its too big, too big for anyone to see it all in god.
thats why I didn't give a fuck. It's why I didn't care much
Track Name: Rip Off a Good Piece
If the core didn’t kick it and our bodies didn’t give right out, would it be foolish to mark calendars or plan anything at all?
Save the fight for the next war, how about we send the kids? I hope they’re back for supper, I know my folks made sure we did.
I once believed in a purpose, one that you can’t memorize. Can get you lost on the walk home, the one you’ve walked a thousand times.
And maybe it’s a sight to see if nothing ever turned out wrong…because the world is run by irony, and you’re never going to fight it off.
In a flash to the next day well how about a second glance, gets you to break out of that standstill, gets you shaking one more dance.
And what’s a personal disaster if everything is relative? The fear that we’re all dying has only driven us to live.
And maybe it’s a sight to see that you never really thought at all.
And maybe that’s the only reason you’re never gonna fight them off, never gonna fight them off.
Track Name: Place in Time
Well I’ve been sitting on this floor for several weeks or so, and I’ve been staring at the ceiling trying to come up with all those words that meant something at the time and state of mind that I was in.
Well now I’m coming up ahead goddamn I think I’m seeing red and this sudden change to autumn has crisped the leaves so different My oh my, guess I tried it but in this time I fly by its alright.
And if she wasn’t tripping out of her head I would have used some different words that day, and sometimes you cant judge black or white, not even grey.
So now we need a breathing hole, feel like fish out of their bowls spending hour after hour trying to find the oxygen you sold to save yourself I guess it helped but I guess its bye for now my sweet princess
And I think for all of this commotion we deserve a few beers and a steak, and this ordeal survived an upward motion now its gonna go down with no breaks.
It shows that we both grow when everything else gets old, under these revisions that we wrote… I guess you didn’t hear so I’ll sing it slow…